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My name is Chad. I was born on January 5, 1986. That would make me 26 at the time of writing this. I of course have my normal hair colour right now, but I like the red hair pic! I run this website, as well as Disorientation, my Matthew Good/Matthew Good Band fansite. I also started up an online portfolio/design site so that others could see my work, and if they liked my work, could ask me to make them a website. You can check out that portfolio/design site here!
I love to listen to music, it's pretty much my life, well not really, but it is a big part of it. I have a pretty substantial CD collection, although I don't really buy many CDs anymore with the ease of digital and the far less space that takes up. I still buy some here and there.I usually take my iPod with me and listen to it rather than the radio because it is a better viarety of music and hey no commercials are always a great bonus.

So now I guess some random info for the hell of it.
Name: Chad
Birthday: January 5, '86
Age: 26 (or whatever the year minus 1986 equals due to not updating this every year)
Sign: Capricorn, although I don't really find any facination in this.
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5'10"
Born in: Fort St. John, B.C., Canada
Current Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
School: Graduated!
Email: plasticsoldier @ REMOVE gmail.com

Artists/Bands in no particular order: Matthew Good/Matthew Good Band, Limblifter, Say Anything, Billy & The Lost Boys/Billy The Kid, Coheed & Cambria, Brand New, The Yoko Casionos, The Vincent Black Shadow, The Rumours, David Usher, Blind Melon.... more
Songs: Man On The Moon by R.E.M., Everything Evil by Coheed & Cambria, Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades by Brand New, Jumbo Jet Headache by Limblifter, No Rain by Blind Melon
Movies: Back To The Future Trilogy, Evil Dead Trilogy, Land Of The Dead [and other George A. Ramero Zombie Movies], The Usual Suspects .... lots more
TV Shows: Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, C.S.I., Smallville, 24, Family Guy.... few more
Actors: Bruce Campbell, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey
Actresses: Kristen Bell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Milla Jovovich, Mila Kunis
Colours: Orange, Red, and Blue
Food: pizza
Pop: Dr. Pepper, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Pepsi
Other: I don't really like hot beverages at all

Plastic Soldier
Well, let's see now. "Plastic Soldier" came about when I was in Grade 10 (2002). In english class we had to do some poems, one being from random lines in a book we were reading and one line I found was "like a half-melted plastic soldier" which really stuck out in my mind as awesome imagery, and I really liked it so I started to use in other things, and of course that is kinda long to use all together, so I just started to use the "plastic soldier" part of it.

Reason for site existence:
I used to just use imgarbage.com for everything, including "imgarbage" as some places usernames, but I got tired of explaining that it was from a song (Rico by Matthew Good Band) and not that I felt that I myself was garbage/worthless. So I decided to get plasticsoldier, but .com was taken by some weird fake search engine thing, so I got the next closest thing, being plastic-soldier.com. Which in a way I like for the fact that it seperates the two words a bit to make them each stand out on their own.

Registration Date: April 28, 2006
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